Our Mission

To give you the freedom to access the goods, services, and information you want, with the privacy & security you need.

Business Solutions - Powered by KNWN

Whether you are looking to authenticate your customer’s identities, manage access to your web or physical business, add facial biometrics to your time & attendance software, or you are looking for a faster, cheaper and more secure way to receive & send payments; KNWN’s thoughtfully designed API’s help you create the best possible solution for your customers and employees.

Harness the power of enterprise-level biometrics without the requirements of expensive hardware installation, lengthy integrations, and liability of storing sensitive information in a centralized database.

It’s Good To Be KNWN

Now more than ever before, our identities are playing a much more significant role in our daily lives. Whether we’re logging into a website, making a purchase online, or in-person, gaining entry to an office building, or traveling the world, our unique biometrics have become the safest and secure device to truly living - a life of access.

Without the device - of course.

Digital Personas

KNWN members can set up infinite digital personas for shopping, dining, traveling, financial and data protection.


With every verified identity transaction, KNWN members and participating businesses earn KNWN rewards tokens.

KNWN Vault

KNWN members can securely upload & store important documents and digital assets such as wills, deeds, cryptocurrency private keys and loyalty reward points.

Data Protection

Our member’s data is managed in our distributed, decentralized blockchain. KNWN does not provide access to, nor sell any of our member's personal data.


There’s a rapidly escalating crisis in payment, privacy & security that’s affecting consumers and businesses alike.

Say Hello to the team Building The Answer.

Founding Team


Evan Brovenick



Eric Dresdale



Richard Kane



Jay Berkowitz

Acting CMO


Erika Crispino

Application Development UI/UX


Brett Abish

Financial Analyst

Advisory Board


Mark Harrington

CEO @ Linxus Digital Currency Management


Frank Cotroneo

Former CFO @ MasterCard, H&R Block & NetSpend


Tal Clark

Former Executive @ First Data

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